XHunger.com Open House

Tuesday, April 28th

The L.U.V.S. Program is a three step program to help end hunger in America. We understand people want to help and give back but they may not always know where to start.
So with X-Hunger we made it simple, and with your support along with your friends, family, and co-workers we can help end hunger in America together. It’s as simple as you locating a food pantry near you. Understanding the purpose of your chosen food pantry to will ensure it’s a good fit for you to Volunteer your time & energy and/or Support them monetarily.
High School and College students have started Scarecrow Clubs to also support existing food pantries.  Students earn service hours via these student led Scarecrow Clubs and service learning is achieved by young people wanting to help people in need of hunger solutions.  To learn more about how you can start and/or be involved with a Scarecrow Club, call our Executive Director at (865) 250-3313.
Help us end hunger in America, get involved today!
Step 1.         Locate a Food Pantry
Step 2.         Understand their Purpose 
Step 3.         Volunteer and Support